Culture and Learning Analytics

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What is it about?

Learning Analytics is an increasingly important topic in educational research and policy. Learning Analytics is the collection and analysis of education-related data from students at universities with the aim of better understanding learners and providing them with optimal support in their learning. The aim of this questionnaire is to learn more about your attitude towards the collection, analysis and use of educational data by your university. The results of this questionnaire will help us to gain a better understanding of students' expectations of the work and use of education-related data.

Who are we?

We are an international group of researchers interested in cultural differences in the adoption of learning analytics around the world. This research is carried out in cooperation with the Open University of the Netherlands, German Institute for Educational Research (DIPF) and the Goethe University Frankfurt. Further information on this study can be found on the CILA website:

How is your data collected?

The online survey service from DIPF is used for the survey. All your answers are encrypted with random numbers during the survey process to ensure your privacy and confidentiality. For the subsequent evaluation of the data, all data that could lead to an identification of your person will be removed after the data collection has been completed. All collected data will be deleted after completion of the study, but at the latest after a five-year retention period. The data collected will be accessible only to researchers associated with this research project. For the premature deletion of your data, please contact Prof. Dr. Drachsler:

What happens to your data?

Your answers will be evaluated anonymously and confidentially. The Leibniz - Institut für Bildungsforschung und Bildungsevaluation (DIPF), Rostocker Str. 6, 60323 Frankfurt am Main is responsible for compliance with data protection regulations.

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Participation in this questionnaire is voluntary. You have the right to cancel your participation at any time and to delete your contributions without any disadvantages in any form. You have the possibility to obtain information about the personal data stored by us at any time. You can at any time request that this data be corrected and deleted. You have the right at any time to demand a restriction on the processing of your data, to object to its further processing or to assert your right to data transferability. If you refuse to participate or revoke or restrict your consent, this will not result in any disadvantages for you